Airborne was approached by a client requiring enhanced border protection in a region subject to rebel insurgency. Airborne Operations was expertly placed to provide support in establishing a virtual fence of aerostat systems to provide coverage of vulnerable areas.

Analysis & Evaluation

Airborne Operations was first able to provide a comprehensive analysis for the client, resulting in an understanding of the way in which existing border protection measures could be enhanced using aerostat systems. By working closely with the client, Airborne was able to provide support in evaluating both the scale of the requirement and the many factors that are involved in identifying and selecting the most appropriate systems for the job.


By working with Airborne Operations, the client was able to :

  • Define and identify the nature of the threat, along with the specific areas that required enhanced protection.

  • Understand both the strengths and the limitations of aerostat systems, along with the nature of the support infrastructure required for effective and seamless operation.

  • Evaluate the most effective positions to locate the aerostat systems to provide the maximum coverage and eliminate blind spots, in locations where support could be rapidly provided if needed.

  • Identify the sensor types and performance required to provide the level of detail necessary to ensure protection of the border region.

  • Define the performance envelope of aerostats necessary to meet the requirement.

  • Specify the data management systems required to transfer the data to the ground, and to disseminate it to the required control centres for analysis.

  • Plan the necessary infrastructure to support the required systems both in terms of training, and of maintenance, supply, and support functions.

  • Plan and define the necessary protection and security of the various aerostat bases, including both ground and air based measures.


The specialist work resulted in a detailed requirement plan that gave the client a comprehensive understanding of the scale of the project, the various elements within it, and a functional specification that would allow a level playing field for tenders from both external suppliers and contractors, and internal support functions within the military framework. Airborne Operations provide consultancy services to identify and clarify Aerostat requirements, learn more about aerostat consultancy.