Technology Transfer

Airborne Operations are able to provide a complete and supported technology transfer service to provide the necessary skills and expertise for nations to become independent in their design, production and operation of aerostat systems, thus reducing their reliance on outside sources.  The company can support the establishment of the facility, the training of the staff, and provides ongoing long term support and trouble-shooting expertise as local skills develop.

A local aerostat industry will require a resource of skilled and knowledgeable staff to implement the design, manufacture and operation of systems.  In order to achieve that the most suitable candidates are recruited, Airborne are able to provide selection criteria, and to support the recruitment process.

Identifying and sourcing, or planning and building the most suitable office and factory space that is specifically suited to the processes required is a highly specialised task.  Airborne are able to provide the necessary planning and design resources to ensure that the buildings are best suited to the purpose.  From office space to goods-inwards, through stores and production areas to quality testing and despatch, Airborne can plan the space, and if necessary, design the buildings required.

The production of aerostats requires very specific tools and equipment to produce the highest quality results, and Airborne are able to select and specify the most efficient and cost-effective tools for the job.  Airborne have no affiliation to any specific suppliers so are able to provide accurate and independent advice.

With more than 50 years experience in the design and development of aerostat systems, Airborne are able to offer a complete range of aerostat systems from 9m to 30m to meet the mission needs of the customer.  Where necessary, existing designs can be developed and modified to ensure that the result is the most efficient use of resources, and provides the highest level of operational effectiveness. From designs to templates and manufacturing instructions, Airborne can support the build of their proven designs.

If the customer wants to develop the ability to design and development their own systems, Airborne are able to provide detailed courses and guidance, supporting suitable candidates through the entire design, calculation and system development processes.  This greatly enhances the independence of the customer, and allows them to develop their own unique solutions to meet their operational needs.

The design process includes the aerostat envelope, its rigging, pressure management and telemetry systems, payload accommodation and the ground handling system and all associated support systems.  Allied to this knowledge is that required to manage the testing and commissioning of systems.

Airborne employs a team of highly experienced aerostat operators who both familiar with all of the necessary aspects of safe operation and management of the company’s aerostat systems, as well as most of its competitors.  Using a structured education programme to build knowledge and expertise, the team are able to train and support local staff in the necessary skills.