Airborne operations provide international consultancy services for military and commercial purposes in the design, manufacture and deployment of Aerostat Systems; allowing users to gain a greater understanding of both Aerostat capabilities, and the missions which best suit their deployment. Airborne Operations are able to offer guidance and support in the following areas:

  • Aerostat selection (size and type)

  • Aerostat integration into C4ISR strategy

  • Technology transfer – design, manufacture and operations

  • Aerostat design and manufacture (turnkey supply)

  • Mission payload planning and selection

  • Payload integration

  • Ground control station design
  • Operator training
  • Project management
  • Subject matter experts for conflict resolution

Airborne aims to bridge the knowledge gap for the end user regarding effective use of Aerostat Systems with its decades of expertise in the development of bespoke solutions for customers across the world.